Choosing a Medical Weight Loss Clinic vs. Popular Diet Plans

There are numerous benefits of choosing a medical weight loss clinic over popular or “trendy” diet plans or programs, many of which we will discuss in this article.  Whether you are 20 or 30 pounds overweight or obese, it is need to lose weightpossible to reach your ideal weight without starvation or fad diets, and enjoy lifelong results.  The unfortunate fact is that most people who need to lose weight think that the solution is a diet, rather than a healthy, permanent lifestyle change.  Programs and plans that promise quick results or make claims that you can lose 10 pounds in a week are usually all hype; if you do lose weight, it isn’t likely you will keep it off.

Some of the benefits of choosing a medical weight loss clinic include:

Safer for those with health issues.  Many who are overweight develop diabetes, or have conditions including high blood pressure, high cholesterol or other symptoms of heart disease.  Sleep apnea, gall bladder issues, back and/or knee pain and stroke are other conditions that may affect those who need to lose a substantial amount of weight.  A weight loss clinic that offers medical supervision will monitor these problems, and work to devise a plan that includes proper diet and exercise for individuals’ needs.

Long term commitment.  A medical weight loss clinic, if it is reputable and trusted, is devoted to helping you achieve long term results.  It is important that those who are serious about losing weight have a support network of physicians, dieticians and fitness experts dedicated to helping individuals make the transformation to a permanent, healthier lifestyle.

Less risk to health.  With popular diet plans individuals usually begin the plan at their own risk, even though it is usually advised to consult with your doctor before starting any weight loss plan.  A clinic that staffs physicians cardiac stress testtypically schedule a consultation with the doctor, who will discuss your options, do tests such as EKG and a comprehensive blood panel, monitor your blood pressure, measure your body fat index, record present weight, etc.

Individual attention.  Unlike popular diet plans, a medical weight loss clinic offers individual attention to your unique needs.  Some people lose water weight, while others lose fat or even muscle.  Because you will be monitored closely to ensure good results, your physician can determine how much fat you are losing vs. muscle loss so that adjustments can be made to your diet and exercise plan.  In addition, some people benefit from the addition of supplements or injections to enhance their weight loss efforts.

Help with maintaining your healthy new body.  The fact is you have very little support with most of the popular or well-known diet plans and programs.  With a medical weight loss clinic, the relationship continues even after you reach your goal weight.  For several weeks or even months after your initial weight loss, your “team” will help you through weekly maintenance visits, so that you stay on the path to a healthier, longer life.

happy with weightAs you can see, there are some very real benefits in deciding on a medical weight loss clinic rather than going the popular or “fad” diet route which offer only temporary results if any at all.  Most people who go with a professional clinic find it much easier to stay on target, reach their ideal weight, and change their mindset, switching out bad habits for those that are positive and healthy.

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