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  • Choosing a Weight Loss Clinic – Cutting Through the Confusion

    October 24th, 2012 admin Posted in weight loss clinics Comments Off on Choosing a Weight Loss Clinic – Cutting Through the Confusion

    I you’re considering a weight loss clinic to help you reach your weight and fitness goals, there are a lot of factors that come into play that can affect your results.  There are countless programs, centers and plans that are designed to help people lose weight, some of them effective and some, not so much.  Perhaps you’ve tried commercial diets like the South Beach Diet, Jenny Craig, Atkins or Nutrisystem, without the results you expected.  If you’re looking for a weight loss clinic so that you can finally reach your goals and maintain a fit, healthy body, here are a few things you should consider.

    What are your personality characteristics?

    Some people are very self-disciplined, while others have to have someone guide them every step of the way.  Many of the commercial plans today have websites online so that you can discuss your problems on their forums, ask questions and get general guidance.  Most offer prepackaged meals, or give you the ability to create menus so that you have a variety of options to choose from.

    If you are self-disciplined and motivated, you may not need a formal weight loss clinic in order to lose the amount of weight you want to lose.  It all depends on how much will power you have, whether you can afford the meals and the system, how much support you need to reach your goals.

    If you have medical issues, a professional weight loss clinic may be the best solution

    Individuals who have diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol or other medical issues should probably be closely monitored when on any type of weight loss program.  Most diets recommend that you seek the advice of your doctor before starting any of the plans, but few people actually do.  Without your physician’s guidance, you could be putting your health further at risk by eliminating certain foods, or eating those that have ingredients that could harm your health.

    Another reason it’s a good idea to go with a trusted weight loss clinic is the physical activity factor.  If you have heart disease or are obese and haven’t exercised in years, it’s important that you start slowly, as vigorous exercise could actually put your health in jeopardy.  By choosing a reputable clinic staffed with a doctor, nutritionist, dietician and qualified fitness specialist, you can lose the weight you want to lose safely, as your health is monitored throughout the process.

    It’s also important that you realize that just because a facility offers itself as a weight loss clinic, it doesn’t mean that the facility is trusted, or that you will get the individual attention and guidance necessary for safe, permanent results.  What you are looking for is a program that guides you step by step through making permanent lifestyle changes through diet and exercise, not one that makes promises of huge weight loss in a very short period of time.  You don’t want “instant” results, you want results that are gradual and that you can maintain now, and as you grow older.

    When you are considering a weight loss clinic, carefully weigh your options, how much guidance you need, whether you are a self-disciplined, structured individual in good health who needs little supervision, or whether you need a full team for support and/or have medical conditions that require monitoring.  With weight loss, “quick fix” solutions rarely work, so keep this in mind and choose the right type of program for your individual needs.

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    Common Diet Programs vs Weight Loss Clinics

    September 19th, 2012 admin Posted in weight loss clinics Comments Off on Common Diet Programs vs Weight Loss Clinics

    There are many diet programs available today – many successful – but how do they compare to weight loss clinics?  Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, Atkins, Kashi GoLean; the list goes on an on.  In fact, there are likely hundreds of diet programs, some well known, others a bit more obscure.  Of course there are always the “fad” diets such as the cabbage soup diet, grapefruit diet, etc.  How do you know whether weight loss clinics or one of the diet programs is more suitable for you, and which offer permanent results?  It’s difficult, to be sure.

    The truth is, different programs work for different people.  While some may experience spectacular results with Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, others do better with weight loss clinics.  With some of the popular diet plans, you must have great self-discipline, as with many you are pretty much “on your own,” other than knowing what foods to eat.  Some offer no exercise program, no nutritionist to help ensure you are getting the vitamins and minerals you need, and little guidance whatsoever.  Others allow you to log on to their sites on the internet, so that you can plan meals, ask questions, even find a workout plan.

    Not to say that there are no diet plans or programs that compare with weight loss clinics, because there are some very good diet programs.  Even with weight loss clinics you must be careful in choosing, as some are more geared toward selling diet products, supplements, foods and other products than they are toward helping you lose weight through a healthy lifestyle change.

    Another drawback to diet programs is that you are limited in your food choices, which can get redundant.  If you decide to try losing weight yourself and choose to buy Lean Cuisine, there are only a limited variety to choose from.  With weight loss clinics, you learn what foods are healthy and low in fat, how to cook those foods without adding additional calories or fat, and how to eat in a way that boosts your metabolism for faster fat and calorie burn.  When you know which vegetables, fruits, meats, whole grains and fats are healthy, you can create different meals every day of the year, which helps avoid the monotony often found with other diet plans.

    The thing is, there is not a “one size fits all” solution to weight loss, so you cannot rely on some of the most popular programs to work for you.  However, reputable weight loss clinics take a more personal approach, designing a diet plan and workout regimen that is suitable to your lifestyle, any health conditions you may have and your body type.

    To wrap it all up, most people can enjoy permanent results without ever feeling like they are “on a diet” by choosing weight loss clinics.  Losing weight doesn’t always have to be attached to the word “diet,” and in fact should be geared toward making healthier choices in your life.  Most trusted weight loss clinics focus on healthy eating choices, rather than extremely restricting diets, counting calories or completely eliminating certain foods.

    Which is right for you?  It all depends on your self-discipline, how much weight you want to lose and your budget; however, most people enjoy permanent weight loss and find it much easier to reach their goals by relying on reputable weight loss clinics that staff dieticians, physicians, and fitness advisers.  Before you choose any program or clinic, do some research to determine the program or clinic’s reputation, and talk to your doctor

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    With a Weight Loss Clinic You Can Be Done With Magic Weight Loss Scams

    June 14th, 2012 admin Posted in weight loss clinics Comments Off on With a Weight Loss Clinic You Can Be Done With Magic Weight Loss Scams

    You may have been heavy since childhood, or become overweight in your teen or adult years.  Regardless, if you’re tired of all of the “magic” potions, pills, drinks, and diets that promise unbelievable results, it’s time to consider a weight loss clinic.  Think about it just for a moment; for the money you have probably spent on all of the scam programs and products, you could have already lost all of the weight you wanted with a reputable weight loss clinic – and saved the hard-earned money you spent on all of the junk that offered little or no results.

    Even when you decide that a weight loss clinic is the real solution, it’s important that you be careful in choosing one because all are NOT created equal.  Some have physicians, dieticians and fitness experts on staff, while others that advertise their clinics as professional simply sell their own products in an effort to make money.  Any weight loss clinic that offers real results puts the health and desires of the client first.  That is, the staff is more concerned with helping you achieve your weight loss goals and stay healthy than with selling their own “magic” potions.

    How can you make sure the weight loss clinic you choose will not be a waste of money, and that you will achieve the results you’ve been dreaming of?  Here are a few tips that will help you make an informed decision, so that you can avoid once again throwing your money away:

    • Visit the clinic in person, and take a look around.  Is there a dietician and fitness adviser on board?  If a doctor is on the staff, even better.
    • Ask plenty of questions.  Does the facility check your vitals, review your medical history (in regards to high blood pressure or cholesterol, diabetes, etc.)?  Does the weight loss clinic offer a program based solely on eating healthy foods and exercise, or do they suggest weight loss supplements as well?
    •  Go online and search for answers.  Many times you can find reviews written by past clients that will offer you some insight on the facility you are considering.
    • ?Ask friends, family and co-workers about their experience with particular clinics.  Often, word-of-mouth is the best measure of the reliability and professionalism of a clinic, and whether it can provide the results you are looking for.

    Weight loss is a huge and continuously growing industry, and unfortunately many people use it as a way to build their own fortune rather than provide help to those who are overweight or obese.  This is why it is so important that you do your homework before handing over your money or signing on the dotted line.

    When you do find a reputable and trusted weight loss clinic, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you will be guided by professionals who have your best interests – and your health and weight loss goals – in mind.  If you’ve spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on shakes, diet bars, pre-packaged meal plans, diet pills, supplements and other useless plans that did nothing but lower your bank account, try a weight loss clinic to finally get the slim, healthy body you’ve been striving for.  And the best thing?  You’ll learn a whole new “healthy” way of eating nutritious foods that will help you keep your new slim, trim body for life.  Think of it more in terms of a “lifestyle” change, and put the word “diet” out of your mind.

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