Medical Weight Loss Clinics and What to Look For Before Choosing

Medical weight loss clinics are like everything else; some are effective and worth the money, others aren’t. There are certain components that a good clinic should have, so that you can expect the best possible results for your efforts. Safety is also a concern, as some diets, pills, and programs can put individuals who have health issues at risk. Being overweight isn’t always the result of over-eating; sometimes, it is the result of a medical condition. This is why is important that you find a medical weight loss clinic that closely monitors any medical conditions throughout your progress.

The primary component you should look for is a diet program that is individualized to your needs, and not a one-size-fits-all solution. Make sure the clinic employs doctors, nutritionists, and others who are trained to deal with weight issues. Diet plans should consist of foods you normally purchase at the supermarket, not special “meal plans” as you see with some of the popular diet programs advertised in magazines and on television. The whole point of joining a medical weight loss clinic is so that your health can be monitored while you lose weight, and you can learn how to prepare foods in a way that is healthy, instead of filled with saturated fats.

The first step is usually a consultation; at this time, you will be asked questions regarding your health, eating habits, etc. Most medical weight loss clinics will calculate your BMI, or body mass index, at this time and weigh you for a starting point. Following this consultation, a visit with the physician should be scheduled so that it can be determined you are in good health prior to starting the plan, or the program can be developed in a way that takes any health issues into consideration.

Fitness and exercise will also be an important component of your individualized plan, as no diet works as well without exercise. Physical activity tones muscles and tightens up loose skin, and burns calories so that you lose weight faster. It is also essential to good overall health. Your fitness instructor will devise a fitness plan that is suitable to your health and lifestyle; as you become more fit, the intensity of your workout will likely increase.

Psychological support is also a necessary component of a reputable medical weight loss clinic, as most people have times when it’s hard to keep going and it is tempting to revert to old habits and eating foods that aren’t healthy. Counseling will help you maintain a positive attitude and give you the motivation and support you need to keep working toward a healthier lifestyle.

Last but not least, it is essential that you set goals that are realistic in your efforts to lose weight, and personnel at a medical weight loss clinic will help you accomplish this. In most cases, the best results are achieved when an individual sets goals to lose 2 to 3 pounds per week. In reality, losing weight is all about behavior modification, learning how, what, and when to eat, planning meals with foods from the four food groups, and exercise. It isn’t about magic shakes, pills, supplements, or the latest “fad” diet of celebrities.

When considering medical weight loss clinics, keep the above in mind for the best possible results. It’s also a good idea to get references from past clients of the clinic you are considering, so that you have a good idea of their satisfaction and results.

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Is a Weight Loss Clinic the Solution to Your Weight Problems?

 The fact is, while a weight loss clinic may be the solution for some individuals who need to lose a substantial amount of weight, it doesn’t necessarily mean that every person will experience success.  It’s not always the fault of the professionals at the clinic if a client does not reach his or her desired weight; it can (and usually is) the fault of the client.  When it comes to losing those excess pounds that not only make you feel less attractive but potentially affect your health, there is no “magic” solution, but a trusted weight loss clinic is certainly something to consider.

Are you determined and motivated to lose weight?

The truth is, if your heart really isn’t in it, even a weight loss clinic probably won’t do you much good.  Slimming down and achieving your ideal weight takes motivation and a strong desire to be healthy and fit.  In reality, it isn’t about a diet you stay on for a month or two or until you reach the weight you want to be – it’s about a total lifestyle change that includes eating healthy foods, exercise, and a whole new way of thinking about food.

Do you want to drop those excess pounds for the right reasons?

Chances are you will not see the results you want even with a weight loss clinic if you’re doing it for someone other than yourself.  Perhaps a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse has suggested you could stand to lose a few pounds, and it made you feel less than confident about your looks.  Maybe you’re a young woman who has dreams of looking like all of those “too slim” celebrities you see on television, in the movies and in magazines.

You should want to reach a healthy weight and improve your physical fitness because YOU want to be healthier, fitter and feel better so that you actually enjoy a happier, more fulfilling life.  Many people sabotage their own success; feeling forced to lose weight when it is not originally your idea often leads to weight gain, because the depression/anxiety can actually make you eat more.  When you’re motivated and ready to make a healthy, exciting change in your life, you’ve tried “fad” and other diets, plans and programs that don’t work, and you are doing it for yourself and no one else, a weight loss clinic is probably a good solution.

Are you fed up with your looks, how you feel, and ready to make a permanent change?

A weight loss clinic is the ideal solution for individuals who are ready to make a big (and permanent) change in their lives, dedicated to living every day in a healthier way.  When you’re too heavy for your height and bone structure, not only can it detract from your physical attractiveness, it can make you feel tired and lethargic – which makes you not want to exercise.

In most cases, a reputable weight loss clinic will be staffed with a physician, dietician, nutritionist and fitness trainer.  Not only do you learn what foods are healthy and which are not, you will learn how to cook delicious meals that are healthy.  Your health will be monitored, particularly important if you have diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or other cardiovascular issues.  A fitness trainer will design a work out program that is right for your needs, lifestyle and fitness level.

Is a weight loss clinic the solution for your weight problems?  If you’re doing it for yourself and ready to finally take the path to an overall healthier life, absolutely.


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Is One Weight Loss Clinic Like the Other? Factors to Keep in Mind

The choice of a weight loss clinic is one that should be made with careful consideration.  With all of the “miracle” programs, meal replacement shakes, crash diets and trendy celebrity eating plans, it’s tempting to want to take the easy route; however, doing so rarely results in reaching your goal and maintaining your slim new body.  If you are considering a weight loss clinic, here are a few things you should keep in mind throughout your search.

banned-foodShould encourage healthy behavior

A healthy lifestyle is the ultimate goal of any plan designed to help you lose weight and keep it off.  Going on any program, including Weight Watchers, NutriSystem and other well-known plans only temporarily will end in temporary results.  You must learn how to lead a healthier life which includes not only nutritious foods, but daily exercise.

A reputable weight loss clinic encourages “healthy” rather than looking at eating as a diet.  Any health conditions or issues you have should be addressed and monitored throughout so that in your efforts to achieve a slimmer body and ideal weight, you do not sabotage your health in the process.

Calorie reduction

Reducing calories is a mainstay of almost every weight loss clinic, although you never want to reduce calories drastically or to a dangerous level.  Many programs rely on carb reduction, counting fat grams and increasing protein.  While this may be effective, the only way you will reduce your weight and body fat is to consume fewer calories and exercise.  It takes an extra 3,500 calories to gain one pound, so naturally you must reduce your calorie intake or burn up 3,500 calories to lose one pound.

jumping rope

For most people, a combination of both is easier and works best.

Exercise daily

 Some programs advise you to exercise for a certain amount of time so many days each week; for example, some television advertisements claim that if you buy their exercise system/equipment, you can exercise for 20

minutes 3 times per week and have a “perfect” body.

Professional fitness experts and dieticians at a trusted weight loss clinic will likely advise you that you should include exercise and physical activity in your schedule every day.  This may be walking for 30 minutes, working out with light weights, running on a treadmill, really any exercise of your choice – as long as you do it on a daily basis.

Maintaining your weight

Most popular diet plans and programs which are well-known today really don’t offer much guidance when it comes to maintaining your healthy  new weight.  A weight loss clinic will provide you with guidance on how to maintain your weight so that you don’t find the pounds creeping back on once you have lost it.  This is usually achieved through a healthy, permanent lifestyle change where you enjoy healthier meals consisting of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, healthy oils, nuts and other foods instead of fast or junk foods.


A reputable weight loss clinic will employ a full staff that usually consists of a physician, dietician and/or nutritionist, fitness trainer and others who are dedicated to helping those who need to lose weight reach their goals, and enjoy better health.

If you are in search of a weight loss clinic that won’t be a total waste of your time and money, keep these factors in mind.  You may find that the cost is a bit more, but considering the money you would waste on “gimmicks” that do not work, it could actually save you money.

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